July 01, 2018 2 min read

The summer is the perfect season to experiment with different styles, colours and patterns. Men’s fashion is usually compiled of both smart and casual pieces that can be mix and matched depending on the occasion, and the summer season is no exception. The only difference with men’s summer styles is that you can be a little bolder in your fashion choices. Whether you’re going on holiday or just staying at home and enjoying the UK weather, updating your wardrobe with key summer pieces is a must.

So, make sure you have everything you need for any occasion this season with our top picks of men’s summer styles.

Striped T-shirt

While a summer clothing collection is a great help for the few months of the year where the sun shines, it’s important to have some pieces that are versatile and can be worn throughout the season even if it’s not warm.

You should also consider investing in clothing that can transcend into the spring and autumn seasons. A striped t-shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe as it can be worn throughout the year, matching any season perfectly.

Opt for simple colours such as white or navy blue that are classic and stylish, with a crew neck. While the usual stripes are horizontal, try something different and choose vertical stripes for a unique approach. Our Trundle t-shirt is the perfect example of this.

Chino Shorts

When the temperature climbs, or the sun decides to come out, the last thing you want to be wearing is jeans. Chino shorts offer a summery, smart alternative that are perfect to wear through the day or even in the evening. Lightweight and often made in neutral colours, they are an easy-to-wear style for any occasion in the warm weather.

If you’re wearing a dark top, stick to light coloured shorts like beige, washed pink or even tan brown; vice versa for a lighter top. Khaki or navy blue chino shorts work perfectly with white or pastel coloured tops.

Patterned Shirt

If your summer includes some great social events, you might want to think about your evening wardrobe. Short sleeve shirts are your best option, especially if the temperatures remain warm. Having a collection of short sleeve shirts can come in very handy through the summer months, but experiment with patterns.

Go bright and add some colour to your wardrobe with our Condesa shirt, or play it safe with a smart print using colours like navy and grey, just like our Hadrian shirt. Worn perfectly with shorts in the day, or with smarter trousers and jeans in the evening, you can create a great summer wardrobe for any occasion.

Tie Dye T-Shirt

If you really want to embrace the season, why not invest in a tie dye t-shirt? Retro but right on trend, tie dye is the ultimate summer pattern. Pair it with a bright colour such as orange and you have a ready made outfit to reflect the time of year.

Our Sampia t-shirt is a perfect example, with an orange and white eye-catching pattern that you can wear every time summer rolls around.