July 29, 2019 3 min read

Bellfield X Friends of the Earth sustainable collection

Introducing Our Collaboration with Friends of the Earth

Protecting the environment should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. Climate change is a serious issue, with our planet now warmer than at any point in the past 800,000 years. On top of this, everyday new and frightening statistics reveal the extent to which our plastic waste is endangering life in our oceans. Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year - that's approximately the weight of a million London buses and, in the past decade, humans have produced more disposable plastic than in the entire 20th century.

What’s more, our wildlife is under threat too. In the UK, we have already lost around 13 bee species and another 35 are currently at risk of extinction thanks to pesticides, climate change and habitat loss. As one of our best pollinating insects, they are key to stable, healthy food supplies. By transferring pollen between flowering plants bees keep the cycle of life turning. If bees were to become extinct, the UK’s ecosystem would fall into disaster.

At Bellfield, we wanted to shine the spotlight on these serious environmental threats, and what the UK can do to act on them. With that in mind, we are so pleased to announce our collaboration collection with Friends of the Earth.

Who are Friends of the Earth? 

Friends of the Earth, the world's largest grassroots environmental campaigning community, is working with local groups, business leaders and politicians to push for change. This includes campaigns to protect your local environment, promote safe and healthy food and water and supporting alternative energy solutions.

It was Friends of the Earth behind the campaign that resulted in the Climate Change Act in 2008; something that has been replicated around the world in order to cut emissions.

The first campaign action from the group was in 1971; returning thousands of empty bottles to the London HQ of Cadbury Schweppes. The group were trying to promote re-use through peaceful and effective campaign methods. This has set the tone of the organisation ever since.

Their goal is to create a better environment by 2030, through creating a safer climate with flourishing nature and healthy air, water and food.

Bellfield Clothing Friends of the Earth

What activity are we doing together?

Our partnership with Friends of the Earth launched in July 2019. To kick things off, we have created 5 exclusive organic unisex t-shirts using 100% organic cotton, grown without harmful chemicals, as well a non-toxic, water-based ink.

Our collection is also emblazoned with environmentally friendly messaging – a first step in our goal to educate others on environmental issues. Through our partnership, we will be doing more over the coming months to educate consumers on how they themselves can make better greener lifestyle choices. Keep an eye on our blog posts for more information coming very soon.

How are we changing for the better?

At Bellfield, we are making a change to create more sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and being more conscious about the clothing we make. We feel it is our responsibility to do our part to protect the environment, and what our business to reflect this Aside from our news organics range with Friends of the Earth, we’ve made changes to our packaging to ensure that it’s made of recycled materials and is fully recyclable. We’re also proud to announce that, by summer 2020, we’ll be using 100% organic cotton in all our jersey and sweats. We’ll also be creating a range of jackets made from recycled materials.


10% of all sales from the collection will be donated to Friends of the Earth, supporting their work to change the world for good - for our generation and for generations to come. Shop our Friends of the Earth collection on our website and do your part. Help us to #DoLessHarm with #BellfieldOrganics.
View the Bellfield X Friends of the Earth collection by clicking here.